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Love of Summer Night Episode 15 English Subbed

Love of Summer Night

Su Nuan Xia made a promise to her dad to take the basketball team to victory. When she bumps into an ace player, she does everything she can to get him to join the team.

Qingmeng University freshman Su Nuan Xia is determined to complete her father's last wish to reassemble the basketball team and lead them to victory against their rival team Shenhua. Su Nuan Xia becomes the sweetheart coach who has managed to bring together a group of handsome and extraordinary 'weirdos' who each have a basketball dream.

One day, Nuan Xia accidentally discovers that school hunk Jun Ye has mad skills. She tries to recruit him by doting on him 24/7 until he finally relents. Training day after day, Jun Ye becomes attracted to Nuan Xia's cheery personality and begins to pursue her. Having given up on the sport, Jun Ye regains the passion and becomes determined to show Nuan Xia what he's made of. However, he realizes that he is still hounded by his internal turmoils. Nonetheless, Nuan Xia, Junye, and their teammates band together to reach for their dreams.

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